Burstin’-with-Flavor 1:1 Business Workshops

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Get everything you’ve wanted to know about web content or social media, in an exclusive 1:1 package tailored just for YOU.

 This package of intense, focused 60-minute sessions are yours to dig into if:

  •  You’re a passionate, committed learner with a fair understanding of how social media and web content works.


  • You’re good with applying strategies on your own and just need direction and sometimes, a motivating nudge {or push!}.


  • You have the time and/or the resources to devote to a high-engagement, high-impact community building campaign.



 Want to Know More? Here’s What You Get :


  • Pre-session questionnaires to identify your exact needs and tailor the session’s content for YOU.


  • 3x 60 minute, power-packed sessions focused exclusively on YOU, your social media or web content needs. 180 minutes, scheduled at your convenience and without you having to go anywhere, to give you the clarity and direction you need to make this online marketing thing rock. The online marketing 1:1 workshop has 4 dedicated, 60-minute sessions. 


  • Actionable takeaways and a customized action plan for you to apply and see results from. Yes, you get homework!


  • MP3 call recordings of every session so that you can review what we discussed whenever you want and keep taking massive action.



  • 4 full weeks of exclusive “social shadowing” where I’ll personally check into your social media accounts to see what’s going right and what can be better, and offer you customized, actionable feedback, where needed.

 Because of the highly personalized, focused nature of these sessions, I ONLY offer 4 of them every month to be able to give YOU my complete, undivided attention. 

Choose from the following 3 options to infuse life and get more results from your content or community:


SMD-online business workshop

Ideal for you, if you:


  • need to know what’s working with your website and more importantly, what’s not. You know give it a good shake up to see what needs fixing so that you can get the measurable results you want.


  • want solutions that work to increase opt-in rates to your newsletter, get more traffic, create a more user-friendly web experience and turn your website into a sales magnet.


  • know that SEO is important to get targeted traffic but don’t know how to use it effectively.

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social media workshop

The Spice-Up-My Social Media Workshop is ideal for you, if you:


  • know the basics of social media but aren’t getting traffic and leads from them.
  • have social media accounts but lack any engagement on them.
  • aren’t sure what to tweet or share on Facebook.

NOT for you if you:

Don’t have the time to devote to social media engagement. If this is you, click here.

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content marketing workshop

The Soup-up-my Content workshop is ideal for you, if you:


  • have the time and ability to write killer content but want to know more about optimizing it for the web.


  • have been blogging for a while and want to ramp up and go PRO.


  • want to be viewed as an expert in your niche and reach your target audience easily.


NOT for you, if you:


Don’t have the time to blog consistently. If this is you, click here.

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